30 March 2009

like a walk in the park, like a hole in your head, like the feeling you get when you realize your dead this time

The Curious Case of Phineas Gage.

For the uninitiated, Ol' Phineas had a 3'8" long, 1.25" wide tamping iron shoot through his head and lived to tell.

Yeah, that's the iron right next to his skull in the picture above.

28 March 2009

future album cover

Lightning in Redoubt's plume (11:20pm 27 March 09)
photo: Bretwood Higman / groundtruthtrekking.org via AVO

(via ADN)

So it appears Coulter is good for something after all.

turpentine you spin me, i'm lost in your grace

Shane from animal god snagged a recording of yesterday's KNBA appearance by the Spenard Satans Old Timey Clubhouse Band. Check it here.

27 March 2009

the number of the beast is 90.3

All you suckers killing time at lights on your shitty commute home this evening should tune your dial to KNBA (90.3) at 5:30 to catch the Spenard Satans Old Timey Clubhouse Band play live in the studio. For those lucky enough not to be looking at dirty brakelights and lame-ass 907 sledneck bumperstickers, a live stream of the show is available at the KNBA website.

26 March 2009

pele, you unpredictable bitch

Photo: Mckibben Jackinsky/Homer News

Redoubt has blown twice this morning after having it's threat level reduced to orange yesterday.

Swing over to PUFF (the AVO's very cool and very informative volcanic ash tracking model)to check out plume and ash predictions in colored animation--it's like watching a map of AK puke rainbows all over itself.

23 March 2009

hats off to NY AG Andrew Cuomo

. . . for holding those AIG bastard's heels to the fire. Question is, though, do you think they are returning the cash out of the kindness of their hearts or rather to keep their names from going public?

NYT article here.

Mt Redoubt Blows

Article here.
Keep up to date at the AVO.

22 March 2009

now hear this

cool piece by Chuck Jones:

21 March 2009

the family jams

Vetiverian brother, K Barker, packed a camera on the San Bruno First Baptist Church van back in 2004 and hit the road with some of your favorite hippies of the aughts. Here is a teaser to the film he assembled to document some of their missionary work:

The Family Jams - Trailer from kevin barker on Vimeo.

12 March 2009

09 March 2009

and they'll keep their heads up our ass to see where our shit comes from

A friendly reminder of your place in life, maggot . . .

brilliant anti-populist folk originally found on Dante's Disneyland Inferno

07 March 2009

stare down the wall

Michael Hatjoullis 'Concord' 1966

Lifted from a very cool photoset of 1960's wallpaper designs.

04 March 2009

fuckin' a, man

“We cannot ask other nations to stand by us in the pursuit of justice if we are not viewed as being in pursuit of that ideal ourselves.”
--Attorney General Eric Holder, regarding the use of waterboarding and the admission by the CIA that they destroyed 92 video tapes of recorded interrogations.

**For those of you keeping track at home, that's 90 more than they had previously admit to destroying.

Well, I totally agree, Mr Holder, and to show my appreciation of your stance, I am dedicating this song to you. It's an updated version (circa 1987) of an original tune by The Fugs

Sun City Girls-CIA Man