22 April 2009

Explaining Lex Talionis to a 13 year old?

Children at Colony Middle School in Palmer, AK taunt a moose to death. Literally.

What is the right course of action here? My gut always tends towards ol' Hammurabi. Taunt and so be taunted. 'Release the names and let the people scorn' seems somewhat fitting, no?
Is that healthy, though? Won't that only solidify sociopathic tendencies in an extremely impressionable mind through shame and isolation? Probably.

I sure would hate to see the little fuckers squeak away without fair recompense, though.

* * *

On a completely different note:

A fella that once sent me a CDR of his band covering the entirety of one of my all-time favorite records recently let The David Foster Wallace Audio Project loose upon the internets. You should check it out.

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