26 June 2009

All the endless ruins of the past must stay behind, yeah

Re-reading Daniel Chamberlin's Uncle Skullfucker's Band the other day inspired me to dig out my copy of Heads Ain't Ready, a 7" the cats from Oneida dropped last year wherein they cover a couple tunes from the Grateful Dead's 1967 s/t album. Their version of Cream Puff War is proof to my theorem:

(1971>GD) + O = MC5.

Check it:
Cream Puff War--Oneida

And while we're on the subject of Oneida, they're about to let loose Rated O, the second part of their Thank Your Parents trilogy, and it's a triple LP/disc! Fat Bobby explains over at the Jagjaguwar site:

Head on over to check out a few tracks from this beast. It hits the streets 7 July 09.

The Agit Reader has a Pre-Teen Weaponry era interview with Kid Millions that addresses Rated O.

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