16 September 2009

now we see eye to eye / that one man's trash is collectable / and every weakness is correctable

Collateral - Dane Mitchell

The piece, 'Collateral', which won the Waikato National Contemporary Art Award, was entered by Berlin-based Dane Mitchell, who won $15,000 for his effort - or lack of.

Mitchell wrote a message to Waikato Museum art gallery staff asking them to collect the discarded wrapping of other entries and tip it on the floor. That was his entry, the Waikato Times reported.

Another entrant, Mark Hayes, said he spent 26 hours "cutting, welding and grinding"' for his Domestic Violence is Not Okay sculpture, but probably should not have bothered.

It's hard for me to take the complaint from Mark Hayes seriously seeing as he named his piece Domestic Violence is Not Okay. What kind of dumbass name is that? I don't care how long he spent welding on his "art"--with a name like that, it's no wonder the pile of wrappings with the witty name/theme won.

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