10 March 2010

biggest isn't smartest

from the NYT:

Panel Releases Proposal to Set U.S. Education Standards

"Culminating a year’s work, a panel of educators convened by the nation’s governors and state school superintendents released a set of proposed common academic standards on Wednesday. The standards, posted on the panel’s web site, lay out the panel’s vision of what American public school students should learn in math and English, year by year, from kindergarten to high school graduation.

Forty-eight states cooperated in producing the proposed standards, which amount to a new road map for American public education. If a majority of states were to adopt them over the next few months, which experts said was a growing possibility, the new standards would replace the nation’s motley current checkerboard of locally written standards, which vary greatly in content and sophistication. And adoption of the new standards would set off a vast new effort to rewrite textbooks and standardized tests."

Its sad, yet no surprise that AK and TX aren't down.

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Anonymous said...

When I was either a senior or junior in high school (tx) the school only had 7 math books for that grade
level. (*)

If I remember correctly, we didn't have much homework and learning was, well, difficult at best. The teacher would explain/lecture while we'd write notes grouped (5-7 students) around a textbook.

(*) a hundred or so students took the class at different times during the day.