06 June 2010

for a lazy sunday morn

The Homeless Wonderer - Emahoy Tsegue Maryam Gebrou
from vol 21 of the always impressive Ethiopiques series:

". . . the sound and feel is so dense with memory and imagery, musical but somehow quite visual, warm and woozy, a fuzzy, sepia toned old timey feel, due in no small part to the recording, which is quite reminiscent of old 78's, the soundtrack to movie Crumb, that sort of thing, dark rumbling low notes underpin sweet swirls and delicate flurries of minor key melody, sweet and lowdown for sure, warm evenings, back porches, big beautifully appointed parlors, huge empty fields, grass waving in the breeze, long late night wanders, moonlight strolls, so completely dreamy and lovely." - AQUARIUS RECORDS

Tsegue Maryam Gebrou has a pretty amazing biography you should check out.

If you dig what you hear, consider picking up the CD through a donation to the Emahoy Tsege Mariam Music Foundation, an organization promoting musical/cultural exchange between Africa and the US.

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