06 October 2009

Juneau athletes will be subjected to mandatory drug testing.

So damn lame.

The question I want answered is: does this include mathletes?


Anonymous said...

yeah, it does seem heavy handed though I think testing athletes for methamphetamine and steroids would be fair since it does affect an athlete's performance unfairly not to mention the long term physical harm.

sqrl said...

this is why I feel the testing is unfair:

The urine detection periods of the following drugs:
Alcohol~ 6-24 hrs (5 days with EtG)
Amphetamine~ 1-4 days
Barbiturates~ 1-21 days
Cocaine~ 4-5 days
PCP~ 3-7 days
Codeine/Morphine~ 2-4 days
Heroin~ 2-4 days
Methamphetamine~ 3-5 days
Cannabis (single use)~ 2-3 days
Cannabis (habitual use)~ 15-30 but can be up to 90 days depending on amount of habitual use.

We stoners carry traces of THC in our fatty tissues much longer than our bodies would carry traces of any of the other harder drugs. This program will "weed" out and persecute folks that smoke grass more than anything else and grass is the least destructive of all items slated to be tested for.

Not only is the testing flawed and unfairly slanted, testing fifteen percent of athletes from each school's individual sports program each week is expensive. Who's footing the bill?