23 October 2009

Killin' me: Getachew Mekuria & The Ex

"This was the first time Getatchew played with the Ex.
It was also his first time in Europe. We invited him to play with the ICP orcestra, which was a great success, but during the tour he discovered the energy of The Ex and he started to play one song together with them every night. From that experience came the idea to record a cd (Moa Anbessa)." -- Terp Records

If you haven't heard Moa Anbessa yet, you'd be wise to remedy that. here's a taste:

Aynoche Terabu/Shemonmwanaye

There's also a great DVD available that mixes practice footage with live performances from Banlieues Bleues Festival in Paris. Very worth your time and spare ducats.

Here's Getachew w/ the ICP Orchestra:

more Mekuria:

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