22 January 2009

Merrill's bane: John Thain

I usually try to stay away from endorsing violence but if you see this man on the street, please, punch him really, really hard in the face:

Can we bring back the tar and feather? The ol' riding out on a rail?

What kind of person can spend $1,400 on a trash can while cutting the jobs that thousands of people depend on to pay the mortgage or to put food on their reasonably priced tables?

Certainly not a humane one.

Certainly not a man with any shred of empathy or compassion.

Definitely one that deserves to be punched really, really hard in the face. Really hard.


Praveen Iyer said...

These cororate execs may not be severely affected by the the recession and some like Thain continue to enjoy their "lifestyle's of the rich and famous" as if everything's normal.

Kathy Fuld, wife of Richard Fuld the CEO who oversaw the demise of Lehman Brothers, was resorting to "stealth shopping", asking Herm├Ęs sales clerks to put purchases in plain white shopping bags rather than the labeled orange ones.

sqrl said...

Arianna over at The Huffington Post is calling them "the Marie Antoinettes of the Meltdown." I think that's a pretty fitting comparison.