23 January 2009

Strange Maine

This is quiet possibly my favorite cover ever:

Big Blood- Vitamin C (Can)
from Sew Your Wild Days Volume 1

For the uninitiated, Big Blood is Caleb Mulkerin & Colleen Kinsella (also of Fire on Fire and Cerberus Shoal). Not only were they part of 2 of my favorite releases last year (Fire on Fire's EP and full length The Orchard) but they have been putting out some pretty stellar CDR's over the last few years under the moniker Big Blood.

In addition to the great sounds they produce, the CDR's come beautifully packaged in Kinsella's artwork:

The runs are very limited so, unless you're a Mainer, you'd be hard pressed to gets your hands on most of the releases but Northeast Indie has copies of the highly recommended The Grove.

Here's an original:
In the Shade from The Grove

And here's a 2007 interview over at Foxy Digitalis.

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