30 January 2009

country first?

I'm sure everyone is well aware of the recent comments by our ol' pal Rush Limbaugh regarding his hopes for the failure of our president. If not, have a gander at this:

Appalling, no?

I can only imagine that all of the leftover "Country First" signs and bumper stickers must be crumpled up and rotting next to all those pretty little outfits in those garbage bags at RNC headquarters because, if the revered Rush has stopped putting it first, I'm willing to bet there's a fair amount of Republican sheep not far behind. Yes, that means you too, Gingrey--those 15 minutes with a backbone must have been the scariest time of your life.

In 8 years of riding around on my bicycle with the homemade "FUGWB" sticker across my grocery-getter baskets, I never hoped that W would fail because by my logic, the failure of the president = the failure of the country. That's just me, though, I'm not a syndicated radio douche looking for ratings.

Anyway, if you'd like to let Limbaugh know how you feel, stop over to the DCCC and get in on the petition they've started.

(via Mudflats)

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