06 May 2009

Bem, Ben Jor.

Though it was expected, I woke up to the unfortunate news that Dan Sullivan clenched the Mayoral run-off yesterday by a fairly hefty margin. My knee-jerk after reading about it and skimming a few pages of comments was to write something snide about the voting tendencies of my neighbors. Instead, I listened to a little Jorge Ben and focused on the positive (singular): at least I wouldn't have to look at his mug on all those campaign posters that littered my bike ride to work.

I'm always bothered by people that stick their image up all over the place (real estate agents most of all). I had a constant urge to sharpie Hitler 'staches on his billboards/campaign signs and had even gone so far as to plan out a route to take by bike in the middle of the night. Can't you see the ol' Adolf's mustache working well with Sullivan's comb-over?

Anyway, most of my frustration was soothed away with a strong cup of coffee and a couple spins of this Jorge Ben Jor tune that I've been feelin' lately. Here it is:

Take It Easy, My Brother Charles - Jorge Ben Jor

Now, if I only understood Portugese . . .

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