20 May 2009

it's just a wafer thin mint, sir

The New York Times recently featured an article about The Story of Stuff -- a 20 minute video by activist/lecturer/bleeding-heart commie Annie Leonard that outlines the long-term effects of our recklessly consumptive culture. Apparently, it's become quite the "sleeper hit" in schools around the nation--no doubt due to it's simple approach and kid friendly animation. That does not, however, mean it's just for kids--everyone should check it out.

The question remains, though: should one buy the DVD offered on the website? It seems a somewhat strange offering when one considers the content, no?

That being said, here's a petroleum-free version for those of you that haven't already seen it:

This paraphrased quote from Victor Lebow has been batting around my head since I first watched the video:

Makes me reconsider just how great a metaphor Mr Creosote is.


Shane said...

Yup, good stuff. I had the same thought about the DVDs...people who don't have internet access probably wouldn't be receptive to this message anyway. The bit about computers is completely wrong, which makes me worry about some of the other facts. It's awesome that it's so popular with the kids, though...ethical capitalism > capitalism.

sqrl said...

the bit about the how the piece wouldn't fit next year or the planned obsolescence aspect?

the shifting puzzle piece theory seems to be a bit of an overstatement but i suppose propaganda is propaganda regardless the side.