08 May 2009

dig that guitarron, hombre

I really dig this tune from Denton TX's Baptist Generals --particularly the use of the guitarron here. I'm okay with the fact that the marimba is inaudible as I don't think what homeboy is playing would fit the song all that well.

This track is from their 2003 album No Silver/No Gold--a fine release of mangled lo-fi goodness built around the percussive acoustic guitar playing and haunted vocals of Chris Flemmons (who I believe to be the only full-time General). Flemmons has the ear of a Pollard but where Uncle Bob probably spends his lubricated hours windmilling Townsend and karate kicking among mounds of empty Miller cans, Flemmons, it seems, spends his exorcising demons via four-track in what I imagine to be a basement lit by a single bare bulb.

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