15 May 2009

Soggy Britches?

It's Bike To Work Day and of course our weather takes a turn for the shitty . . .

* * *

Well, if you're looking for something fun to do this evening, dry off and head out to the MTS Gallery:

Opening exhibition Friday, May 15

5 -7 PM

MTS Gallery

3142 Mountain View Drive

Catering by Tap Root Cafe

Music by Reverse/Retro

Participating Artists: Angela Ramirez, Chad Meyer, Craig Updegrove, Don Ricker,
Ed Mighell, Fred Jenkins, Garry Kaulitz, Gretchen Sagan, Hana Clinton,
Jen Joliff, Kala Spaan, Kassi Grunder, Kate McPhereson, Kerby McGhee,
Mark Gould, Metis Riley, Nancy Laurel, Paul Tornow, Rachel Lim, Rachel Nore,
Rhonda Horton, Rod Gonzalez, Shara Dorris.

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